About the Andrews Benefits
    Andrews Benefits, LLC is a privately owned firm based in Farmington Connecticut that opened its doors in 1980. When we formed the Andrews Benefits we had a goal of ensuring that employers are making the best educated decision with regards to benefit decisions, implementations and wellness strategy. As a privately held company, we have the flexibility and business aggressiveness to individually design and implement unique programs that individually reflect the benefit and financial needs of all our clients.

    We specialize in employee benefits and have clients ranging from small employers to national accounts. The size and geographic distribution of our client base results in our consulting on many projects that cover most of the major metropolitan areas on the United States.

    Our objectives and goals with each client are:

    • design and strategize on a long term solution to the increasing benefit costs.
    • create a benefit package to reflect your specific industry needs to be competitive and retain talent
    • be involved with daily issues of administrative, enrollment, termination, COBRA, FLMA
    • assist in the adjudication of claim or billing issues

    We believe that you need a proactive benefit partner and we strive to create a great interactive working relationship. We want our clients to view us as an extension of their benefits department.

    Contact us today and we’ll work together to find a solution that fits your business needs.
Company Highlights:

• Privately Owned • Community oriented, with owners & staff being involved in many charities & socially responsible activities
• Founded in 1979 • Serving all types of industries, businesses and markets
• Specialist in Group Health, Dental, Life & Disability plans • Our focus is on solutions and service for our customers
• Experienced staff to provide daily service and advice • Selective to participate in advisory councils of many of the leading Connecticut carriers
• Representing all available carriers in all 50 states • Serving on numerous charity board of directors
• Complete HR audit review capabilities • While small in actual employees, our business volume ranks us within most carriers top 10 agency ranking